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Multiple rollovers have led to the 3rd largest Powerball lottery jackpot in US history. With tickets available online for the $350 million (R3 billion) jackpot prize, SA punters are snapping up tickets online.

Online services which actually stand in line to buy tickets on behalf of SA clients have reported a massive surge in online ticket purchases as a result of the massive rollovers.

According to NBC:

The Powerball lottery jackpot swelled to $350 million after no ticket matched all the winning numbers picked on Saturday night.
That would make it the third-largest Powerball prize ever.

The winning numbers were 6-13-19-23-43 with Powerball 16.

The jackpot had hit $270 million before Saturday night’s drawing with a cash value if taken as a lump sum ofs $175.8 million, according to Powerball. Winners also have the option of taking the money as a 29-year annuity.

The last big winner in the Powerball was on March 30, when a $50 million prize was won. But earlier that month a single ticket produced a $338 million winner, at the time the fourth biggest Powerball prize ever.

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Regarding the service which buys tickets on your behalf in Europe and the US, read below.

From our affiliate:

“The online lottery system has yet to have sold a jackpot winning ticket, but we process in excess of 2500 winning entries per week. The majority of these are usually fist tier winnings of approximatley $10.00, but a draw seldom goes by in which we don’t process a winning ticket in excess of $1000. The biggest win we have processed to date was in excess of $1.2million when one of our customers correctly selected all 5 main numbers and one of the two “Star” numbers on the EuroMillions draw. This customer chose to remain anonymous, as is the case with 99% of all lottery winners that have won a substantial prize.”

There are three things people usually worry about:

1) Your credit card details may not be safe,

2) The online facilitators (eg. 2oceansvibe Lottos) are not officially represented by the lottery.

3)The SA government will not allow you to claim your winnings.

Here are the answers to those legitimate fears:

1) The website and online payment system has been going successfully for over eight years and uses 128 bit SSL Security. Your credit card details will be safe. And that’s a fact.

2) It is important to note that we are in no way associated with Camelot (for the UK and EuroMillions Lotteries) nor MUSL (the Multi-state lottery provider that manages PowerBall and MegaMillions) or Sisal (SuperEnaLotto). We make this very clear on all of our reminder correspondence and our website. Your ticket price that you pay covers the physical service

2009-03-12 07:09:25 by BiAtheist

You're lying... or delusional.

If you NEVER lose Rock, Paper, Scissors, we have to assume that you can win it 17 times in a row.
This roughly equals your chances of winning the Powerball Jackpot¹.
So, I will provide you an email address on AOL. You email the Powerball numbers for last drawing in March, requesting RETURN RECEIPT. I will open the email, for the first time, the day AFTER the drawing, triggering the RETURN RECEIPT, verifying your ability.
Until that happens, we both know (unless you have a SERIOUSLY delusional brain... but you probably couldn't type coherently if that were true) that your claims are fantastical bullshit, and that you should come back to Earth.¹A lottery played in the midwest.

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